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Kate and Monina are very excited to announce a partnership between Environmental Golf Solutions and Green Gecko Studios, known as Torgersen Gilbey.

Renowned and passionate environmental experts, Kate Torgersen and Monina Gilbey, have joined forces to create Torgersen Gilbey, a powerhouse consultancy dedicated to driving change for a greener future. This strategic partnership strengthens their national reach and further supports their aim to empower businesses to become environmentally and economically sustainable.

Torgersen Gilbey offers a comprehensive suite of services available not only to turf facilities, but also to councils, schools, sporting clubs, community groups and associations. From plant selection and social media assistance to photography and iNaturalist support, as well as vegetation management plans and comprehensive whole-of-facility environmental audits, Torgersen Gilbey will customise solutions to ensure the perfect fit for your budget and resources.Partner with Torgersen Gilbey and explore the possibilities for a more biodiverse and sustainable future.

Your greener future starts now!

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